Home Security – More Than Just High-Tech Gadgetry

Research shows that ninety percent of all convicted burglars say they avoided trying to rob homes which displayed home security signs and decals or have visible home security cameras. Knowing that you have done what you cant protect your home and family from a home invasion will provide you with more peace of mind than almost any other measure you can take.

The home security systems currently on the market will supply you with all the necessary protection, depending on your neighborhood and the value of your property. Some of the most effective home security measures include being part of a neighborhood watch and living close to a police station, but if those are not options for you, a well-planned, comprehensive home security system will make a tremendous difference.

The cutting-edge home security equipment of today incorporates video and wireless capability, and when the motion sensors and cameras are positioned effectively around your home’s perimeter, or atop its roof if necessary, you will have advance warning of any unwanted guests. An alarm system will not only create enough noise and light to scare off all but the most determined intruders; if it is monitored it will either notify the police of a possible intrusion directly, or connect with a monitoring system who will then notify your local law enforcement.

Home Security Gates

If the value of your property, or you personal need for privacy, requires it, you might consider a home security gate with voice communication, which will require those wishing to enter your property to identify themselves. The most secure gates will have cameras to provide visual identification as well, or a home security guard to verify and admit guests or workers.

Many owners of exclusive properties hire home security personnel to patrol their properties in teams and communicate via hand radios. If that measure is more than you need or care to pay for, home security cameras with infrared night vision will provide clear film images of any disturbances around your home, and transmit them to banks of interior televisions. Cameras which provide a 360 degree sweep of their surroundings will be the most effective.

Making Your Home Completely Secure

True home security, however, encompasses more than keeping your home and family safe from intruders. You need to be able to react quickly in the case of fire or a medical emergency as well. You can have smoke detectors installed throughout your home, and a 911 emergency connection wired into the keypad of you home security alarm.

Home security is not only about having the latest technology at your beck and call; it’s about being prepared for the unforeseen, no matter what form it takes.